Glitter and Bubbles.

Hate is a strong word. I hate glitter.. Or at least I did. Motherhood is funny that way. It was one of those days. I attempted to deep clean my Kitchen in between nursing, separating fights, feeding them literally every half-hour it seems (. They are ALWAYS hungry!!!!) and kissing the occasional boo boo. Fake ones. If you have ADHD, or know something with it. You can just imagine the fantastic chaos. How everything was taken out of every cabinet, every drawer...I would go to a room to grab something and decide I would, I SO would deep clean this closet too, and that one.... and the other, and the basement! We definitely do not need so many toys. Because time is trivial right? a person can Successfully deep clean and minimalize everything in their three story house whilst parenting-ey( really, we watched a lot of TV that day..thank you Netflix) 5 kids...right?? nevertheless I was making progress in the kitchen, every drawer sorted, bags and bags of things to get rid off, then it was time for the fridge. I started with the top of, this is the place I keep all things I want as far away from he kids as possible. Behind the Dishwashing tablets of death was a 2 year old whiskey bottle, some halloween hair spray, my vitamin basket and then I came across the 12 pack of glitter.... I don't really allow glitter in my home,  but Pinterest convinced me I needed some for Christmas ornaments, so we cautiously used one, and I put ( hid) the rest up there. I climbed down from the chair and place it on the table which was filled with stuff by the way ..they couldn't possibly pick out the glitter out of the mountains of stuff on the table. I went to pee...and they did. They found it. I walk out and see my children covered in glitter, naked and covered in glitter. Glitter everywhere. EVERYWHERE. I had a mild mental breakdown, think UTIs, glitter in their hair until their wedding day... poor next tenants. We only have until April to get all this glitter off the deck. I open my mouth to yell, and then I  looked at my Bellas mischievous little face and a cautious  smile, " look mommy, everything is sooo shinny and beautiful!" I look up and down at her and  is a blue heart shape on her little knee. I breathe, and force a sarcastic grin "yeeaaayhh" "soooo shinny" my day was heading downhill fast... very fast, like we just reached the peak of the rollercoaster fast, there was not a better time for Sam to get glitter in his eye, I go inside and wash up his face and I saw my  camera.  Ding! glitter and.... mid sun? ugh, I told myself I wasn't going to shoot in the crappy light my battery is almost dead...and I HATE glitter. But I grabbed it anyway and I also glad I did. I  started shooting and just like that magic happened. Through my lens I could see things from my Children's eyes  and it was just so beautiful. I saw the magic that magic they saw, I saw the beauty, the sparkle. Maybe glitter isn't so bad after all..... Just let them play outside for a while, they got washed up and we went on about our day. I finished my chores and after dinner we went back , this is when I started to love glitter. Michael watched very cautiously from inside and smiled( he really HATES glitter ) We had a bubble and glitter party outside,I mean their toes were sparkly, penny had fact, 4 days later and we still have glitter around, there is s speck of it on my keyboard between the G and the H. I am so thankful for photography, you see, it's not only an art, its also such an amazing outlet, therapy...a way to see things through a child's eye, wide and full of wonder and magic. The ultimate beauty of it though is that you learn, you learn from them, even without the camera, that life, just as it is, is just a little bit more magical than we ever think. Like glitter and bubbles.